An educational Spanish language video series created specifically for Latino immigrants



The Challenge

Each year, lack of insurance, plus the expense of medical procedures and prescription drugs prevents millions of individuals from receiving the care they need. Immigrants often must overcome additional barriers such as the inability to speak English, and confusion or even fear regarding the health care system. As a result, many immigrants never receive basic preventative care and often end up in the emergency care system. Immigrants often lack the necessary information and resources about:

  • Health benefits (through employment or public assistance)
  • Insurance eligibility
  • Communication with medical staff and agencies


ÉXITO EN EL NORTE's Medical video/DVD addresses some of these challenges through vivid representations of several medical situations. The video follows real-life individuals as they visit hospitals, clinics and public assistance offices. It specifically highlights the need for and the right to accurate medical interpretation. Topics covered include:

  • Sources for medical insurance
  • Health benefits
  • Co-payments
  • Deductibles
  • Appointments
  • Emergency care
  • Medically Needy and Medicaid
  • Spend downs
  • Medical cards and personal information
  • Medical programs for children
  • Phone Interpretation


The Web abounds in sites that give information on general health topics, originating from a variety of sources, from federal agencies, non-profits and universities, to for-profit, medical-related companies. Many sources offer Web sites, printed materials, phone support, and even direct services in Spanish. Information on federal programs that give access to medical care, often administered by the state, can be found in Spanish on the World Wide Web.

State and local organizations/agencies also provide supplemental healthcare related support (such as free clinics, programs for children and adults, etc.). The printed resource guide that accompanies this video/DVD spotlights these resources and services. Federal and other national resources are listed below.

For a listing of organizations and sites that furnish general information or assistance to immigrants, or provide assistance in multiple areas, either click here for general resources or you may download an adobe acrobat pdf file of healthcare resources.

Facilitator's Guide

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Running Time: 25:16 minutes

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