An educational Spanish language video series created specifically for Latino immigrants



The Challenge

Jobs and expanded employment opportunities represent perhaps the primary reason for immigration to the U.S. Yet U.S. employment (particularly for immigrants) carries with it many complicated requirements and regulations – often state-specific. Employment-related discrimination can further complicate an already intricate process for new U.S. employees. Immigrants often are unaware of their rights and responsibilities. Lack of information and language barriers often cloud issues such as:

  • Employee pay and benefits
  • Unemployment
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Employee Safety


ÉXITO EN EL NORTE helps new U.S. workers sort out this complicated tangle of employment-related challenges. Common, real-life work scenarios demonstrate pertinent employment issues, while viewer-friendly narration gives state-specific information honing in on concerns specifically related to immigrants. This video/DVD also furnishes information and access to federal and state resources that enable immigrants to resolve employment related issues. Topics covered include:

  • Worker documentation
  • ITIN
  • Paychecks/taxes
  • Common forms (W-2, I-9, etc.)
  • Social Security
  • Minimum wage
  • State run employment agencies
  • Unemployment
  • Worker benefits
  • Worker-related agencies (OSHA, DOL, etc.)
  • Discrimination-related resources (EEOC, OSC, etc.)


Just as state employment laws and regulations vary widely, so do state agencies that oversee employment-related issues, as well as state resources available to workers. However, a significant amount of federal level resources exist, which also furnish access to appropriate state offices and agencies. Special agencies and organizations also exist to deal with discrimination issues, and specifically with cases of worker discrimination due to race, color, language or country of origin. Additionally, several government agencies devote themselves to ensuring the health and safety of all workers. State and regional organizations and programs have been highlighted in the printed resource guides that accompany each video.

For a listing of organizations and sites that furnish general information or assistance to immigrants, or provide assistance in multiple areas, either click here for general resources or you may download an adobe acrobat pdf file of employment resources.

Running Time: 31:15 minutes

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Please note that information in this title is state-specific and is currently only available for Iowa and Georgia. Efforts are underway to complete this title for other states.