An educational Spanish language video series created specifically for Latino immigrants



The Challenge

The American public education system can act as an incentive for families to immigrate to the U.S. In addition to better jobs for themselves, parents recognize and value the opportunity for their children to attend college and benefit from much greater career choice. However, entirely new customs and expectations in U.S. schools can also seem equally bewildering. Certain school districts may or may not identify and respond to the special needs of immigrant parents and their school-age children: language support, parent/teacher interpretation, curriculum modification, etc. This may subsequently lead to obstacles with:

  • Student achievement and success
  • Parent Involvement
  • Home/school communication


ÉXITO EN EL NORTE joins parents and students in their journey through the American education system, highlighting the importance of parental involvement while supplying concrete tools and strategies to facilitate this. The Education video/DVD points out key elements of the U.S. school system, such as student enrollment, the school calendar, and successful completion of school and high school graduation. It further speaks to the possibilities of higher education and expanding opportunities, as well as continuing education options open to adults. Primary topics include:

  • School registration and enrollment
  • Parent involvement and support
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Homework
  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • Parent/school communication
  • Language and immigration status
  • Sick child and vacations
  • Vocational options
  • College and other higher education
  • Adult ESL and GED


Educational tools for immigrant families can take many forms, from informational tools to academic support and financial support in the form of scholarships for higher education. Many sources supply these tools and resources in Spanish and sometimes other languages. Federal agencies as well as other national sources and organizations make these materials available on the Web, sometimes with contact information for phone or direct services as well. For access to some of these resources, please consult the list below. Other state and local sources are highlighted on the printed resource guide that accompanies the Education video/DVD.

For a listing of organizations and sites that furnish general information or assistance to immigrants, or provide assistance in multiple areas, either click here for general resources or you may download an adobe acrobat pdf file of education resources.

Facilitator's Guide

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Running Time: 19:57 minutes

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