An educational Spanish language video series created specifically for Latino immigrants




How much do the ÉXITO EN EL NORTE videos cost?

Each video for a non-profit, educational, or governmental agency (including libraries, schools, Universities, community organizations, etc.) costs $59.95 per DVD. This price includes access and full use of all accompanying discussion guides, auxiliary participant handouts, related resources, etc, provided on our Web site. Materials may be reproduced and utilized in workshops, classrooms, and other outreach programs.

Each video also contains an English script, with full translation of all contents of video (tucked into the DVD cover).

For-profit businesses also benefit from providing ÉXITO to their employees. Please contact us by email, or phone, 1-800-477-4236 for more information on for-profit pricing.

Discount pricing on orders of seven titles or more:

For orders of seven titles or more (either a full set of seven nationally applicable titles, or a combination of titles equaling seven or more) receive an additional 10% discount off the non-profit pricing. Please refer to our pricing guide which demonstrates savings available through this discount.

Further volume discounts on orders of multiple sets may also be possible for educational and non-profit agencies. Please contact us by email, or phone, 1-800-477-4236 for more information.

Shipping and Handling:

All shipments are sent via United States Post Office Priority mail, with delivery confirmation. Shipping and handling cost for the first item is $4.50, and then an additional $1 per item for DVD. Please refer to our pricing chart (live link) for a description of shipping and handling costs per number of items.


What payment methods are accepted?

Credit Card: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. When ordering, we will need the exact billing name and address associated with the card, as well as the three or four digit confirmation code located on the back of the card.

Online/Paypal: Please visit this page for the list of available titles or visit the pages to the right to purchase to by online.

Check: If you wish to pay with check, you may mail in your order (see “Ways to Order,” below) via snail mail. If you would like to verify the total cost of your items, please write or call for assistance.

Purchase Order: If your organization authorizes purchases via purchase orders, you may place an order with a purchase order number (see “Ways to Order” below for information on how to send this information). We will then ship your items and send an invoice with your purchase order number in a separate envelope. (Please indicate if shipping and billing addresses are different.)

Ways to Order

How can I send in my order?

Online: Orders may be placed (via PayPal or credit card) online, using our Online Purchasing page. You may also e-mail your information to If using this method, please indicate each title you would like to order, the number of copies, VHS or DVD, shipping and billing addresses (if different), purchase order number if applicable, etc. NOTE: Credit card information should not be sent via e-mail. If you would like to order using e-mail, and purchase using a credit card, please feel free to e-mail all information except credit card numbers, and call our toll-free line to give this sensitive information.

Fax: You may also send in your order via fax, either using our Non-profit Order form (live link, ), or by providing the information above and faxing to: 712-623-4044.

Snail Mail: You may always send an order via snail mail, using the Non-profit Order Form or a print order form available upon request. Please mail to:

Experience Education
401 E. Reed St.
Red Oak, IA 51566


What if I still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us any time via email or phone (800-477-4236) with any questions, or if you or your organization requires further information or paperwork, such as federal tax exempt number, etc.