An educational Spanish language video series created specifically for Latino immigrants


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(furnished by Naomi Fahrenkrug)

The video about immigration was interesting and it could be very helpful for Promotoras and their clients. The video about taxes is very important so that people can understand why they need to file income tax and get their share back, and also the importance of filing a return.

LA INMIGRACIƓN: This DVD explains the process to get the ITIN number for people who are not legal in the United States, and also the different forms to file their taxes.

IMPUESTOS: El video es muy informativo. The video is very informative and helpful for my program. The video is appropriate for client view. Very informative and easy to understand.

Taxes workshop in Pittsburg, PA.

(IMPUESTOS video provided by Pedro Bretz, Director of the Hispanic Center, Inc.)

Sunday, February 4, we (The Latino Catholic Community of Pittsburgh) hosted a workshop for people of the Latino community who speak only Spanish on the subject of Income Taxes and the ITIN. The workshop was directed by a Lawyer from the Jewish Community Center, Immigrant Assistance Center, and one of our own volunteers who is helping our members fill out the tax forms. There is much interest among the people to fulfill the necessary requirements. I found the DVD just perfect for the occasion in that the people watched the DVD and learned about the process while they waited their turn to see the lawyer. There were about 45 people in attendance. I personally watched the DVD and learned valuable information from it.

Sister Janice Vanderneck
Pastoral Assistant
Latino Catholic Community of the Diocese of Pittsburgh

What others are saying:

I found the video to be an excellent educational tool for use in numerous venues where services are provided or even in other community settings.

The scripts were well written in a fairly easy Spanish for various sub-groups to understand; e.g., no use of specific terms familiar only to one particular group.

The DVD video venue can be used effectively to reach those who may not be able to read or with literacy-sight issues.

The health subject-topics discussed provided relevant and helpful information that could be applied to most any state, county or geographic area receiving Latinos.

Places where ÉXITO is being implemented

Grass-roots organizations providing direct services to Spanish-speakers, such as the Hispanic Center, Inc. (Pittsburg, PA) and New Iowan Centers.

Libraries across the country, from urban locations (such as Queens and L.A.) to smaller, rural libraries in Tennessee, New York, Minnesota, Illinois, Florida and across the U.S.

Migrant Education in regions of CA and other states are implementing the ÉXITO series, for use in parental and adult educational outreach.

Community Colleges with continuing and adult education services are utilizing ÉXITO to compliment programs serving Spanish-speakers with basic skills.

Land-grant University Extensions in several locations across the U.S. are adding ÉXITO to local outreach efforts in local communities, building relationships with Spanish-speakers, service providers and other key individuals and organizations.