An educational Spanish language video series created specifically for Latino immigrants


Facilitator's Guides

Free downloadable and printable discussion guides for use by facilitators of small to mid-sized groups, will be available through this Web site for each ÉXITO EN EL NORTE/Success in the U.S title. The discussion guides enhance the videos’ effectiveness, highlighting key concepts, and offering an opportunity to explore locally and regionally available services and resources.

These guides are designed to enhance the effectiveness of each video, with use in a facilitated discussion setting. The guides consist of three main sections (pdf-format):

  • Facilitator Overview
    1. We recommend all facilitators read this brief introduction, describing how the guides are organized.
  • Facilitator Orientation
    1. This document offers suggestions for bringing together a group of Spanish-speakers, and organizing an effective, successful discussion.
  • Preparing to Facilitate
    1. Each title in the ÉXITO series will have its own PDF-file that describes how to prepare and carry out the discussion. Other PDF-files of auxiliary materials, and a listing of resources relating to each topic, will also accompany each video title.

The Series Guides