An educational Spanish language video series created specifically for Latino immigrants



Welcome to ÉXITO EN EL NORTE/Success in the U.S. – an educational, Spanish DVD series created by the non-profit Experience Education, in collaboration with the Southwest Iowa Latino Resource Center and Iowa State University Extension.

ÉXITO helps both new and established Spanish-speaking residents meet the challenges of daily life in the U.S., providing critical life skills information and tools, and promoting community involvement, self-sufficiency and overall contribution to local communities across the U.S.

Foreign-born residents living in the U.S. face special challenges particular to immigrants living in a new country:

  1. language barrier – many adult immigrants do not learn to speak English proficiently enough to effectively communicate while living in the U.S.
  2. cultural barriers – misunderstandings may often arise from differences in cultural norms and expectations

These challenges may be further compounded if education and literacy levels keep Spanish-speaking residents from accessing necessary information, even when it is provided in the native language in a written format.

ÉXITO EN EL NORTE/Success in the U.S. helps to transcend these limitations, with a series of DVDs, featuring seven nationally-applicable (available throughout the U.S.) and three state-specific titles (check updated listings, to the left, for state availability) that equip Spanish-speakers to succeed as workers and members of U.S. communities.

  1. linguistically appropriate – videos give information in speakers’ native language, in Spanish designed to reach all Spanish-speakers, regardless of country of origin
  2. culturally appropriate – series highlights cultural differences that often stand in the way of immigrants succeeding in U.S. daily life
  3. visual format – information in DVDs is accessible to every Spanish-speaking immigrant, regardless of education or literacy level
  4. friendly, accessible presentation – the series is hosted by renowned director, actor, playwright Luis Valdez, and designed to be engaging for all viewers

ÉXITO empowers Spanish-speaking residents living in the U.S. to overcome barriers with a basic understanding of how to navigate daily life in the U.S., an understanding of basic rights as well as responsibilities, and tools to access locally available sources of information on each of these topics: Finances, Healthcare, Education, Taxes, Public Assistance, the Legal System and Immigration.

Currently, ÉXITO EN EL NORTE/Success in the U.S. provides valuable assistance and supplemental support in nearly every state across the country, in adult education programs that encompass:

  1. Universities, Community and Technical Colleges
  2. School districts
  3. Libraries
  4. Healthcare clinics, Promotoras, Community Health Centers, etc.
  5. Literacy programs
  6. Workforce programs
  7. Community Action organizations
  8. Local Hispanic Centers
  9. Others

The ÉXITO series may be utilized individually, in the privacy of residents’ homes, or as part of a group setting, such as workshops, classrooms, etc. Free, auxiliary discussion guides (live link to series page) provide facilitators suggested discussion questions, activities, related resources, etc.

Help Spanish-speakers prepare to succeed in the U.S. – with the reliable, accessible and effective information found only in ÉXITO EN EL NORTE/Success in the U.S.

Financial Assistance Available: If you work with a program that has need for the ÉXITO EN EL NORTE series, but have limited resources or funding, please click here to learn more about possible assistance.

Librarians, increase library usage by Spanish-speaking patrons, using this free bilingual brochure, which explains how public libraries work, their benefits, and inviting Spanish-speakers to visit your local library.

"You can’t get any more direct than this – a video that addresses the real problems that people have; problems of not understanding the new society that surrounds them. It’s something that addresses the issue directly."

Luis Valdez, host
Director, Actor and Playwright

"Los videos son muy informativos - dando información necesaria a los que realmente la necesitamos. ¡Yo se los recomendaría a todos!"

"The videos are very informative - giving necessary information to those of us who really need it. I would recommend them to everyone!"

Roberto E.
Buffalo, NY